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Tomfoolery Good Vibes Tour Virtual Support Crew


Image of Tomfoolery Good Vibes Tour Virtual Support Crew

Tomfoolery (Tom Helbig) is bicycling around the perimeter of the United States to spread joy, search for good vibe leaders, offer volunteer service and promote positive change makers. You can join the virtual support crew and help Tom remind people that the world is filled with amazing people, organizations and community projects. Your contributions will help with film-making, promotions, permits, research, gear, food and lodging.

Tomfoolery completed the Southern Tier Route riding 4,300 miles from San Diego, CA to Key West, FL raising money and awareness through volunteer service. He will pick up where he left off in Key West then ride north using Adventure Cycling Association Atlantic Coast route to Maine. After approximately 3,000 miles traveling along the east coast, Tomfoolery will head west on the Northern Tier route to reach Washington state then head south down the Pacific Coast to San Diego, CA. One big happy loop around the United States.

He recently completed leg number two after spending three months bicycling from Key West to Lubec, Maine. You can offer congratulations food/beverage and travel support. Tom is placing focus on the upcoming Tomfoolery Outdoors event season before tackling leg number three in the fall.

Support Crew options are as colorful as the characters Tomfoolery will celebrate. You can help Tomfoolery with adventure expenses or treat a good vibes leader along the route. For the cost of dinner and a movie you can spread good vibes and become an important part of the journey.

Virtual Support Crew options include:
**I will pick the most appropriate day on the route to use the virtual support granted.

Support Crew Profile
-$25: Name listing at www.tomfooleryoutdoors.com and Tomfoolery Outdoors Facebook page
-$75: Name listing at www.tomfooleryoutdoors.com and Photo Listing at Tomfoolery Outdoors Facebook page

Tomfoolery rode to Lubec, Maine. Offer virtual cheers
-$10: Congratulations craft beer
-$30: Congratulations meal and craft beer

Treat a Good Vibes Leader
- $15: Buy Tomfoolery and Good Vibes Leader a cup of coffee or beer
-$35: Camping permit for Tomfoolery
-$50: Buy Tomfoolery and Good Vibes Leader a meal and beverage
-$100: Hotel fee for Tomfoolery
-$150: Hotel stay, meal and beverage for Tomfoolery

Gear Support
-$150: shipment of bicycle to Ohio
-$250: flight back to Ohio
-$150: Adventure Cycling Association Northern Tier Map Set
-$150: Adventure Cycling Association Pacific Coast Map Set

Virtual Support Crew members can be individuals, families, organizations or companies.